Scottish women would give up chocolate before shoes


A survey has today (Tuesday 3rd March) revealed that Scottish women would find SHOE SHOPPING the most difficult thing to forego – ahead of chocolate, the gym and alcohol.

A huge 88% of women chose chocolate, the gym and alcohol as the things that they would sacrifice for the rest of their life; with just 12% voting for shoe shopping.



The survey, commissioned by Union Square in Aberdeen, also unearthed that the majority of Scottish women “prefer men in trainers” .

Linzi Walker, Union Square Marketing Coordinator, said; “Scotland has always been known for its penchant for fashion – and here in Aberdeen, specifically, women love their shoe shopping, so I’m not altogether surprised at the findings!

She added; “There’s nothing more exciting for a girl than a gorgeous new pair of shoes.”

stiletto study 2

Almost a third of Scots women (29%) admitted to owning more than 40 pairs of shoes – whilst boots were the most favoured style – with 39% of the votes, ahead of heels (26%), flats (19%) and trainers, which came last with just 16% of the votes.

100 women across Scotland were surveyed during February 2015 via SurveyMonkey.

And despite most of them preferring men in trainers, when asked whether their  partner had ever embarrassed them by his choice of shoes, 51% of women said yes.




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