Lingerie leader wants Roberts to play her on the silver screen


SCOTS lingerie tycoon Michelle Mone wants Julia Roberts to play her on screen after she was approached by Hollywood producers about a biopic about her life.


Michelle Mone, 43, was approached by producers about a film charting her rise as co-founder of the Ultimo lingerie brand to one of Britain’s most successful entrepreneurs.


Michelle Mone Thanked her followers -
Michelle Mone wants Julia Roberts to play her in her biopic


In an interview promoting her book about her life in the fast-lane as a business leader charting her “fight to the top” she said she was called by a producer who asked who she would like to play her in a film.


Michelle Mone said: “My favourite actress of all time is Julia Roberts.”


It is unknown whether or not Roberts would take on the role – the Ultimo brand became a household name after Mone who started the brand with her ex-husband Michael, claimed the star wore one of her bras in Erin Brockovich.


The movie’s costume designer – Jeffrey Kurland, 62, this month insisted Roberts’ bra was from an LA boutique.


However sources say that Ultimo sample bras were provided on set and worn by Roberts.


Michelle Mone is thought to be replacing Duncan Bannatyne on the BBC’s series Dragons’ Den and said that writing her book about her rise to the top was “like a year of therapy” after she decided to “expose everything”.

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