Buzzcocks drummer joins in aurora pic frenzy


A FORMER Buzzcocks drummer and a man who is moving his family 700 miles north from Surrey to the Western Isles were among those to capture stunning images of the northern lights above Scotland.John Maher took the beautiful image below despite difficult conditions near Foden on the east coast of Harris in the Western Isles.

He said: “It was quite dull and overcast when I went out about quarter to nine.”

The 54-year-old added: “That picture I took was literally just outside our front gate. It was the only one I took.

“I wasn’t going to go out but a guy from over the road came and knocked on the door and I said OK, OK, I’ll bring a camera.”



aurora buzzcocks
Pic credit: John Maher



Peter Kwasniewski was rewarded with a stunning display of the lights after quitting his job with a sofa-making firm in Guildford and moved a 15-hour car and ferry journey north to the island of Harris.



aurora 08
Northern Lights illuminate the sky above Clisham, the highest mountain in the Western Isles. Pic credit: Peter Kwasniewski



The father-of-two, 29, said: “We heard about the aurora being very active, so we went to the foot of Clisham, which is the biggest mountain in Harris.“It was just unbelievable. The whole sky was just moving. I’ve seen the aurora before but never like that.
The colours were changing but the main colour was green.”



aurora 06
Distiller’s delight – Peter Kwasniewski was thrilled with the light show, which came as he and his family were still in the midst of moving to Harris



Peter, a former special constable with Surrey Police, said: “We got there at about 11pm and when we went back home at 12 it was still going on over our house.

“Friends said it went on until about 4 o’clock in the morning. To see it with all of the colours it was unbelievable.

“A lot of my friends from down south thought we were crazy to move here but now they are thinking – OK.”



aurora 04
The spectacular display lasted until around 4am, according to eyewitnesses. Pic: Peter Kwasniewski

The pictures, taken on Tuesday night, show rays of green light illuminating the sky over Clisham, the highest mountain in the outer Hebrides.



aurora 03
Pic: Peter Kwasniewski



Peter and wife Sara are in the midst of flitting to Drinishader on the south east coast of the Isle of Harris.



aurora 06
Pic: Peter Kwasniewski


He will work at a new distillery as well as volunteering with the Coastguard.

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