Willard Wigan to bring his micro-art to London for the first time


Amazing microscopic sculptures by Birmingham-born artist Willard Wigan MBE will be shown London for the first time.

Virtually invisible to the naked eye, Wigan’s beautiful and often witty works are best viewed with the aid of a microscope.

His works are made from a range of materials including tiny slivers of 24 carat gold, nylon fibres, microscopic strands of glue and even spiders’ webs.




Wigan said: “I found it difficult to express myself at school and was classed as ‘nothing’ which meant my world was classed as even less.

“I didn’t want to be part of that world so I avoided going to school and hid in the shed at the back of the garden.




“I was sitting in the shed one day and noticed some ants on the ground; I went into this little fantasy world and thought they might need somewhere to live so I got some splinters of wood and sliced them with a broken shard of glass and made a little shanty shed for them.

“It was a bit crude but I made some merry-go-rounds and seesaws and encouraged the ants to come over with some grains of sugar.




“They moved in…and decided not to pay me any rent! I started watching this little world and slowly it became part of me.”

Wigan will be hosting an exhibition of his work in London at The Royal Thames Yacht Club on March 31st.