Mary and John are the most common names among elderly care home residents, says new Bupa study


MARY and John are the top ranking names for elderly care home residents, according to a new study.


Bupa home services reviewed names of residents at their 27 care homes in Scotland.


The results show how trends have changed over the years, with only one – James – also featured among last year’s most popular baby names.


Margaret, Elizabeth, Catherine and Jean were among the runners up for the top female name in the survey of 2500 care home residents.


James, Robert, Alexander and Andrew were some of the top names for men.


Other names that appeared on the list included Abraham, Euphemia, Gertrude, Williamina and Magdelena.


Mary Dean, 58, and John Conroy, 67, at Bupa’s Haydale care home in Tollcross, Glasgow


The news contrasts with a recent report from the National Records of Scotland (NRS), which showed the top baby names for 2014 were the seemingly old-fashioned Emily and Jack.


Other baby names registered in 2014 included Spartacus, Halo-Heaven and Twinkle.


Kirsty Dace, Area Director of Bupa Care Homes Scotland, said: “The findings provide the most telling example of our changing times – and to what is now considered old-fashioned when it comes to a first name.


“It’s fantastic to have an insight as it provides a real picture to the naming habits of yesteryear.


“Our residents were eager to see where they placed on the list and if their name was one of the more popular choices.”


Tim Ellis, Chief Executive of National Records of Scotland, said:  “This research shows yet again how fascinating the issue of personal identity is for us all.


“It’s now 160 years since civil registration of births began in Scotland and I’m delighted that our recent release of information about baby names has stimulated this additional interest.


“We have now released comprehensive statistical information on first names registered in Scotland back to 1974, and will be looking to extend the release of data back to 1855 later this year.”


Last week the NRS published first names for the 56, 725 births in Scotland. The most popular names, Emily and Jack, had been revealed in December.


Unusual names for girls included Maddyson-Dyamonds, Halo-Heaven and Hiya whilst  Spartacus, Sherlock, Grayson-Fox, Re-Gabriel and Bear featured on the boys list.



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