Scottish butcher sells Cream Egg Scotch eggs


A family butcher in the Scottish borders has come up with a new way to eat Cream Eggs – inside a Scotch egg.

For just £1.85 you could enjoy a Cadbury’s Cream Egg surrounded by chilli flavoured sausage meat and covered in bread crumbs.

Foston’s Fine Meats in the village of Duns, Berwickshire, is now even planning to sell Mini Egg sausages to add to shop’s Easter offering.


Greig Foston (left) and Benjamin Webb (right) were looking for something new to serve up this Easter


Butcher Greig Foston explained: “We always try to think up something new and exciting for the time of year – we try to get our thinking caps on.”

The 36-year-old continued: “We came up with the sweet chilli in the sausage meat and the egg in the middle.”

Asked what people think of his latest culinary creation Mr Foston said: “It’s pretty spilt.”


A new way to eat Cream Eggs… inside a Scotch egg.


However locals seem keen to try something new.

“We made up a batch at the weekend,” he said, “just to see what demand was like, and it sold out pretty quickly.”

He said around 75% of the school children who come to the shop gave it the thumbs up.

Mr Foston added: “We’ve got another idea – Mini Egg sausages. Pork sausage with whole Mini Eggs – the little ones coated in sugar.

“That would work well I think, letting the chocolate melt inside the sugar casings.”

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