Horrifying picture shows plastic junk that “filled baby turtle to the throat”


THIS horrifying picture shows the jumble of plastic pollutants that killed a baby sea turtle.

Hundreds of pieces of colourful plastic were pulled from the digestive system of the tiny turtle last week.

So much was crammed into its oesophagus and intestines that food got wedged between the rubbish, meaning the baby sea creature slowly starved to death.


The jumble of plastic pollutants that killed a baby sea turtle


The picture was posted on Facebook by Chloe Garland from Kingsbridge, Devon, who is working at a rescue centre in Brazil.

The compassionate Brit, who previously spent time in South Africa rescuing penguins, was heartbroken seeing the state of the sea turtle which was so skinny the chest bones could be seen through her skin.

Now her pictures have been shared thousands of times and are being used to campaign against rubbish in the sea.

Chloe wrote on her Facebook post, which has now been shared more than 5,000 times: “A young sea turtle came into the rescue centre last week.


The tiny sea turtle that died after ingesting plastic rubbish.


“She died and the necropsy showed her entire digestive system was packed with various pieces of plastic, fishing wires and other various trash.

“She had food that could not be digested packed all the way from her oesophagus through to her intestines.

“She was literally filled to the throat with food and trash – nothing could move, she was so blocked up from the rubbish in her system she could not eat.

“She starved to death because of this.”

Chloe continued: “She was so skinny her chest bone had come through her skin!

“Its unbearable to think of the suffering she must have gone through with this slow and painful death.

“This is another example, one of many, of the reality of what a tragic state our natural world is in because of humans….Wake up people.”


Chloe’s Facebook post has now been shared more than 5,000 times.


The post has sparked outrage across the world.

Harri Forno wrote: “That’s terrible … Shame on humans. I don’t understand why this still happens.”

Dano Kennedy said: “Absolutely horrible poor little fella.”

Meanwhile the Sea Turtle Conservancy in Florida has urged its followers on Facebook to share the story of the tiny turtle stating: “A sad but important post to share.”
The group are now lobbying Senator Charlie Dean, Chair of the Senate Environmental Preservation & Conservation Committee, to put a bag ban bill on the legislative agenda.

Commenting on all the attention her images have generated Chloe wrote: “The little sea turtle didn’t die in vain.

“It looks like she woke up the world and she is now an icon for all the wildlife that is suffering and in need of our help.”

She added: “It’s amazing to see how many peoples lives she has touched.”

Ally McMillan, who used to work with Chloe rescuing seals in Ireland, said: “She is is working in Brazil at the moment.

“She used to working a wildlife park and was in South Africa rescuing penguins.

“She also worked with us at Sea Rescue Ireland for a while.”

She added: “She’s got a big heart.”

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