North Berwick Colts get kitted out with new jackets


Children’s football team the North Berwick Colts are delighted to have been kitted out with new football jackets.

Property developer CALA Homes East has announced it is set to continue its sponsorship for the local football club.


The team are delighted with their new jackets


CALA East is sponsoring the Colt’s 2007’s (P3) team, supplying their budding players with a range of new sports jackets, which are ideal for its training sessions.

The Head Coach, Clair Wheatley, said: “The CALA training jackets are personalised with our initials, which is a nice touch, but the main thing they give us is a team identity, helping to bring us together as a group, which is really important.

“We wear our jackets everywhere, it’s not just for training, it’s something we are proud of being part of and is actually one of the first questions we are asked every time a child joins our club ‘will I get a jacket?'”

The team does not play competitively as the aim is to increase participation and help develop the players skills, but the Colts 2007’s play regular friendlies against various other clubs throughout the local area.