Thames Water claims business customers saved £500,000 since it entered the market


Thames Water Commercial Services (TWCS) claims it has saved Scottish businesses £500,000 since entering the market 18 months ago.

The firm says it has attracted more than 130 customers who have enjoyed average savings of between 10-15% on their annual water spend.

Since 2008, when the retail market was opened to competition in Scotland, around 130,000 non-household customers in Scotland have been able to choose who can supply their water and wastewater services.

Thames Water's business division says more Scottish firms should use their freedom to switch supplier
Thames Water’s business division says more Scottish firms should use their freedom to switch supplier


TWCS supplies water to more than 600 individual sites operated by its customers and is aiming to double this number.

Alan Munro, who heads the Scottish team, said: “Scotland is the first country in the world which has deregulated its water market.

“Any business here can switch provider yet, due to a lack of awareness, a high percentage still haven’t switched.

“With potential cost savings of up to 20%, Scottish firms must take action.”

In October last year, Mr Munro recruited four new members to the team in a bid to build on a successful first 12 months and improve the quality of services for business customers.

He continued: “The fact that customers have a choice allows us to offer lower prices and a personal service that not only has a direct effect on their finances, but can increase water efficiency, maintaining a decrease in bills over a long period of time.”

TWCS promises customers flexible billing, advice on tariff optimisation, a tailored approach to key account management, advice on managing water efficiently, and a commitment to helping meet sustainability and environmental targets and commitments.

The firm is part of the Thames Water Group, the UK’s biggest provider of water and wastewater services serving 15 million customers in London and the Thames Valley, and with a heritage dating back 400 years.


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