NHS Lothian hope to transform hospital food following public consultation


HOSPITAL food could be transformed as a result of public consultation by one of Scotland’s biggest health boards.

NHS Lothian is asking for feedback on its major new proposals, called “Our Food, Our Health, Our Care.”

Patients, staff and public are being urged to have their say on food and nutrition and the chance to influence the issues that matter most to them.

Health chiefs claim 90% of inpatients are happy with hospital food but they want to raise standards
Health chiefs claim 90% of inpatients are happy with hospital food but they want to raise standards


The board says is committed to providing meals which “look great, taste delicious, as well as being made from fresh, and wherever possible, locally sourced produce”.

Health chiefs hope the public engagement exercise will help achieve that.

NHS Lothian says research shows “nine out of 10 inpatients are happy with food being served” but it is determined to improve standards.

Dr David Farquharson, Medical Director, NHS Lothian, said: “The links between good nutrition, recovery and health and wellbeing are well documented and this strategy will play a vital role in helping patients on their journey to recovery.

“The main reason for having a Catering Strategy is to ensure everyone is working towards the same aim – the provision of the highest quality, most nutritious meals and improving patient choice and experience.”

NHS Lothian serves around 10,000 meals every day to patients and it is recognised that food needs to be served in lots of different places and that meals or snacks have to be more freely available to suit when people are hungry, rather than just at meal times.

The document is due to be finalised in July, but only after the views and comments from the extensive consultation process have been channelled back into the plans.

The document can be accessed at: http://www.nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk/OurOrganisation/Strategies/Pages/CateringStrategy.aspx