Hilarity over supermarket’s “healthy biscuit” selection


A SHOPPER took this snap of “healthier biscuits” at a branch of Morrisons – as the shelves groaned under the weight of sugary snacks.

The customer at the St Andrews store documented packet after packet of Oreos, Wagon Wheels, Twix, and Club biscuits, Rocky, Kit-Kat, and Blue Riband.

Scottish favourites Tunnock’s Caramel Wafers and Teacakes also made it into the “healthier” section.

The hundreds of thousands of combined calories were for sale under a sign proudly boasting “healthier biscuits”.




Each 100g Coffee Cream Blue Riband biscuit contains 10% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of sugar and 14% of the RDA of saturated fat.

The picture was posted on social media with the ironic remark: “Morrisons in St Andrews – challenging stereotypes every day.”

One commenter said: “Yeah the Tunnocks Wafers and Teacakes at the bottom, right? They’re 40% air, which is healthier than most things.”

Another said, “The raisins in a Fruit Club count towards your 5 a day, right?”, receiving the reply: “only if you eat the entire pack.”

Others were quick to note that the signage played right into the hands of Scottish stereotypes, as Scotland is consistently ranked among the fattest nations on Earth.

One more user said: “Well obviously those are the healthy biscuits – we’ve not deep-fried those yet.”

Another took umbrage with some of the flavoured treats, adding: “I can’t see a problem here, the ones with healthy c**p are clearly marked so no one accidently buys them; Fruit, Orange, Mint, Caramel all that rabbit food s**te.”