Study finds men take more selfies than women


MEN take twice as many selfies as women, according to a new survey.

The research by mobile firm HTC found men in Britain, on average, take 3.02 selfies a week while the figure for woman stands at just 1.68.

Only 24% of those taken by males were of their face while 20% of pictures were of chests and 17% showing off six packs.

What the remaining 39% of mobile pictures depicted researchers have left to the imagination.

Phone cameras have made the craze possible
Phone cameras have made the craze possible


Women were much more likely to be taking a selfie of their face – with the 55% of their selfies focused there.

However 12% admitted to sharing a boob selfie and 6% of have shared shots of their rear end.

The infamous holiday ‘hot dog’ leg shot appears to be as popular as ever with 11% of ladies having indulged in that particular pose.

Just last year the British 18 to 30-year-olds took more than one billion selfies.

Self-portraits aren’t new but it was the front-facing smartphone camera that really caused them to take off.

And it seems new technology has changed our relationships with celebrities forever.

Of those surveyed 55% would chose a selfie with their favourite star over anything else while just 22% would want an autograph with their celebrity crush.

And in case you were wondering, Jennifer Lawrence and David Beckham are top of the lists of the ultimate selfie shot.

Mobile company HTC, commissioned the study to promote a new smartphone to take a more “flattering” selfie.

The tech company believe the craze to be so wide spread they have even included editing and beauty tools to enhance snaps.

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