Rankin reveals books,weapons and panties left for him at Oxford Bar


IAN Rankin has revealed he gets regular “mail” left for him by fans at his favourite bar – including “weapons and panties”.

The crime writer is a regular at the Oxford Bar in Edinburgh’s New Town, a pub which is also frequented by his fictional hero John Rebus.

The Ox, as it is known, has become a mecca for fans, with many travelling hundreds of miles to see it.

Now the 55-year-old author has revealed on Twitter the pub has become a sort of PO Box for his fan mail.

Next to a picture of several crime books Rankin tweeted: “Picked up my mail at the Oxford Bar…”

Artist Claudia Massie asked: “People send you their books c/o the pub?”

Rankin Replied: “And other things…”

“Cool,” tweeted Claudia. “Like, weird fan stuff? Murder weapons and panties and things?”

“Yup,” Rankin admitted.

Claudia wrote: ““Haha. What larks it must be, going for a pint with you, watching while you unwrap a great pile of underwear and CDs or something.”

To which Rankin responded: “While posing for photos with Swiss fans…”

Owner of The Ox, Harry Cullen said he gets letters or parcels almost every week for Rankin.

“It’s mostly parcels and books and CDs,” he said.

Rankin has developed a very devoted fanbase over the years
Rankin has developed a very devoted fanbase over the years


“It’s amazing how they get here,” he laughed. “People write Ian Rankin, The Oxford Bar, Edinburgh. The posties know where we are.”

But asked if he had ever seen weapons or panties arrive Rankin, Mr Cullen said: “Not here. I used to be a musician and got pants thrown at me. I can’t see it happening for writing books.”

He said Rankin still comes in for a drink and added: “It’s quite amazing to see the fans when he’s there having a pint.

“They get quite a surprise.”

The Ox, which has been open since 1811, used to be a regular haunt for Edinburgh police officers.

It still retains it’s original layout with a central corridor with rooms to right and left and serves local ales and beers – including Rankin’s favourite IPA.

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