Holiday couple get “stiff” coffee


A ROMANTIC couple’s cappuccino turned out a lot hotter than they bargained for.


A barista attempted to draw a pretty leaf pattern in the foam but the result ended up looking extremely phallic.


stu turner
Hotter than expected: the “cockuccino”


Stu Turner and Paula Binney, who paid for the £2.70 coffee at a cafe in Edinburgh, have rudely renamed the drink a “cockuccino”.


Stu, from Glossop, Derbyshire, and Paula, from Salford, Greater Manchester, popped into the Hula Juice Bar and Gallery in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket.


Stu, 42, ordered a cappuccino but could hardly believe the results of the “latte art”.


“It was very seriously put in front of me and I just sat there for a bit and then I noticed it so I stared at it.


“I thought – is it just me? But Paula said no, she saw it as well.”


stu 4
Romantic break – Stu and Paula. Pic: Ann-Marie Stothard


The photographer explained: “I drank around the ‘member’. I just sort of avoided it. I didn’t mention it to the staff.


“But I’d definitely go back. I’d like to see what we get next.”


Paula, 40, said: “Stu was just looking down – he had a grin on his face and was pointing out this thing in his coffee.


“I said, ‘Would you like cream with that sir?’”

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