Stray bird flies into pet shop


A LOST bird has flown into a pet shop.

The Scottish SPCA was called to rescue the stray bird on Wednesday afternoon (3 June) after it was found in a Pets at Home store in Dumfries.




The female Zebra Finch is now in the care of the charity, which rescues and re-homes stray animals.


Scottish SPCA Inspector Janet Proudlock said: “”She was looking a bit sorry for herself yesterday but is now much chirpier after some food and water.


“If no one comes forward for this lovely wee bird we’ll find her a suitable new home.”


She added: “The bird has an identity ring on her leg and we know she was born in 2013.


“Anyone coming forward should be able to tell us her ring number as this will help ensure we have the right owner.”

Anyone who recognises the Zebra Finch is being asked to contact the Scottish SPCA on 03000 999 999.

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