GuaNO mercy: Moment seabird poops on birdwatcher’s head


THIS is the revolting moment a dive-bombing seabird scored a messy direct hit on an unsuspecting twitcher.

Jacqueline Dawson was visiting the Isle of May in the Forth when a rogue Arctic Tern swooped – and pooped on her head.

Her husband Darren, an amateur photographer, had his camera ready to capture the moment the aggressive bird scored a bullseye with a laser-guided dollop of guano.

The seabird swoops on Jacqueline
Guano dae that: The seabird swoops on Jacqueline


His sequence of pictures show 45-year-old Jacqueline with her hood up, laughing as the animal swoops towards her.

The bird, also known as a sea swallow, flaps above her and bats her with its tail in an attempt to scare her off.

Her laughter turns to a grimace when the bird releases a trail of poo as a last resort – which hits her right on the top of the head.

The Dundonian couple were visiting the island – home to 120,000 puffins – to do some bird watching and enjoy the views.

Jacqueline bravely stands her ground


Tourists are warned to put their hoods up as they get on and off the boat, because the birds “attack everybody” and can be vicious.

Luckily, Jacqueline found the experience funny, and the couple have even said they might buy a lottery ticket to test their luck.

Darren, 43, said: “We had just gone over to see the puffins, and were warned that when we got off the boats some of the birds might attack.

The increasingly agitated Tern batters her on the head with its tail feathers


“It was our first time on the island – Jacqueline was desperate to see the puffins.
“When we were heading back to the boat at the end of the day this Arctic Tern suddenly attacked her and pooped on her head. I was taking pictures at the time and managed to capture it.

“We might have to put the lottery on to see if it has brought us any good luck. Jacqueline found it all quite funny, though she was keen to wash her jacket when we got home.”

Bombs away: the Tern goes nuclear, despositing a hefty dollop of guano on poor Jacqueline


Arctic terns are white with a black cap and distinctive red beak, and can usually be found in coastal areas. They are the ultimate long-distance migrants, and spend summer in the UK and winter in the Antarctic.

The couple went to the Isle of May expecting a peaceful day of birdwatching


They are known for their aggressive behaviour when humans come near their nests, and attacks usually consist of dives to the head.

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