US Scotland fan raising cash for Canna


A BIG-hearted American who’s hopelessly in love with Scotland is raising cash for Canna islanders struck by a raid on their “honesty” shop.

Jeffrey Rothbart, who lives in a small town two hours west of Chicago, has already raised enough money to replace goods stolen on the Isle of Canna last week.

The 4-mile long island was hit by a mini crime wave after around £300 of stock and cash was taken from its two unmanned shops.

Enough money has already been raised to cover the stolen goods
Enough money has already been raised to cover the stolen goods


But 55-year old Jeffrey, whose love for Scotland was inspired by a 1940s movie he has seen 25 times, has raised £325 in just 24 hours.

His online fundraising page, on the website Gofundme, aims to raise $5000 – just over £3000.

Stock and cash were taken from two unmanned shops
Stock and cash were taken from two unmanned shops


The former realtor was born and bred in America and has never visited Canna.

His belief in the honesty of Scots began in his twenties, when he saw the 1945 movie “I know where I’m going”.

The film follows an English woman set to marry a wealthy industrialist but instead falling in love with the Hebridean islands and their people.


Last night, Mr Rothbart said: “I’ve had an affinity with the folks of Scotland for decades, ever since I saw the movie.

“I’ve probably seen it 25 times. I fell in love with the characters and the honest Scottish folk.

“It has a nice saying, the girl calls the town folk poor and the man replies “They’re not poor, they just don’t have any money. I’ve always appreciated that.

“I just think that most of all the good, honourable hard working people of Canna deserved better.

Canna takes two years to reach by ferry
Canna takes two years to reach by ferry


“When I read about them I just felt they deserved a good Scottish turn.”

He added: “I’m actually Jewish. I just enjoy reading about Scotland.”

Canna, one of the Inner Hebrides, is popular with tourists but takes over two hours to reach by ferry.

A spokesman for Police Scotland confirmed they were investigating the thefts.

He added: “Officers are looking to speak to members of the public and those on board fishing vessels which were moored around Canna pier around the time of the incident.

“If anyone has any information about the incident they are encouraged to contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800555111.”

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  1. I thank you as a lowland Scotsman for showing support for my country.

    The news affected me as well, but I hope that things will return to normal soon!

    Honesty, and wonderful belief in each other.

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