Scottish entrepreneur opens burger chain and will give all of the profit to charity


Scottish entrepreneur Garreth Wood has revealed his latest venture – a string of burger bars that will commit all of its profits to local charities.

The businessman, who owns the bar and restaurant operation Speratus Groups, hopes his new restaurants called ‘Boozy Cow’ will make up to £1million for charitable causes by 2018.

Already Mr Wood has launched the burger bars in Edinburgh and Aberdeen and is looking to open three more around Scotland by the end of 2017.


Already Mr Wood has opened one of the burger bars in Edinburgh and Aberdeen and is looking to open three more around Scotland


As well as making money for good causes Mr Wood also plans to create 150 new jobs.

Mr Wood explained: “Initially Boozy Cow was just another addition to the Group but we came up with the idea of channeling all our extensive charitable work through the one brand.”

He said: “It’s true to say my accountant had a problem with the concept of every single penny of profit going to charity but, for me, this is not about a commercial enterprise.

“It’s about using my experience in running successful hospitality businesses to create a chain of burger bars which will serve the communities in which they operate.


Scottish entrepreneur Garreth Wood outside his at the opening of his new burger bar in Edinburgh


“I am incredibly fortunate to be able to pursue philanthropic ventures and have already built up profitable businesses under Speratus Group.”

He continued: “We will produce audited accounts every year to show the profit and will select different charities in each location to be supported every year.”

Mr Wood added: “Boozy Cow is a fresh twist on the typical burger joint with a focus on great quality burgers, craft beers and exciting cocktails in an edgy and urban environment.

“Both units are going really well with great reviews.”

The first beneficiaries from the profits of the Boozy Cows in Aberdeen and Edinburgh will be CHAS (Children’s Hospice Association Scotland) in Edinburgh, the ARCHIE Foundation, VSA – Aberdeen’s major social care charity and the STV Children’s Appeal.