Photobombing sheep raises the baah for landscape photographer


THIS is the moment an intrepid sheep photobombed what was set to be a stunning landscape photograph.

Katherine Fotheringham, 37, was perched on a rocky outcrop called John Knox’s Pulpit, about to capture the beauty of the Lomond Hills, Fife.

Exquisite composition, light bursting through the clouds…and then a sheep appears


Just as the sun burst through the thick clouds and she took the “perfect” snap on the 1,500ft peak, a ewe appeared from nowhere.

Katherine, from Skene, Fife, said: “We were quite high up. It just stuck its head around as I took the picture, it was quite funny at the time.”

The picture was uploaded to social media with the caption “Thank ewe!”.

Sheep featured
Close up – the pesky ewe


It has attracted hundreds of likes and comments from people who couldn’t resist turning the photo into a pun.

Jean Bradley wrote: “How did ewe get away up there.”

John Campbell added: “What are ewe doing here.”

Ian McKellar joked: “Photobombing with style.”


  1. TELEGRAPH got it wrong…sheep with horns are not necessarily male…tups Scotland Rams England Not welcome by breeders,certainly the remains of the fleece gets minus points!; this mule or Cross ewe or hogg takes its horns as a throwback to the mother being a Blackface (all have horns but those of the tups are most distinctive and when not heated make the head of a good shepherds crook…stick (Father would be a Blueface Leicester but no horns)

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