Cycle pump: Sir Chris Hoy does “nuclear” farts, claims wife Sarra


SIR Chris Hoy has been accused of doing “nuclear” farts by his long-suffering wife.

The six-time Olympic cyclist was publicly shamed on twitter by Sarra Hoy, who said that living with him was like being at a “farty party”.

The revelation came about during a Twitter conversation about protein powder.

Sir Chris sent a message to his 670,000 followers, promoting a brand of high-quality powder.

Sir Chris said choosing a baby name has been a minefield as he worries children in the playground could rhyme it with something awful.
Sorry that one was me: Sir Chris has “nuclear” flatulence issues, if a tweet by mischievous Sarra is anything to go by


A fan replied with the question: “But does it give you protein farts, Hoy?”

Sir Chris instructed the woman to ask his wife, saying: “You’ll need to ask @sarrahoy for an objective opinion, but I’d say no worse than normal! :-)”

He went on to add: “I like to think it’s my body thanking me for the nice nutrition by blowing me a kiss.”

But he may regret the decision to involve his other half.

Lawyer Sarra wrote back: “I agree with ‘no worse than normal’, with normal being ‘Nuclear’ on your PF chart. #fartyparty”

The innocent fan replied: “OK good to know. Thanks for clarifying the level of severity!”

It is not the first time Sarra has poked fun at her husband for his rear-end.

Last year, she shared a picture of Sir Chris sat alone at an event surrounded by empty chairs, with the caption: “Did you fart or something?”

Protein farts are common amongst gym-goers and athletes who drink enhanced shakes.

When a person ingests high levels of protein, the stomach tends to disgorge its contents into the large intestine at a faster rate.

As a result, the enzymes in your stomach have less time to digest food, leaving it to the intestinal bacteria to finish the job.

Unfortunately, this produces a much higher amount of gas – which can only be expelled as a fart.

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