Scotland a leader in women’s employment


SCOTLAND is one of the leading countries in Europe for reducing female unemployment – second only to Germany.

Latest figures released by Eurostat, covering the period January to March 2015, also show that Scotland has the second highest rate of female employment across Europe.

Scotland’s female employment rate for the period stood at 71.1%, only beaten by Sweden (72.4%). The UK rate is four places behind at 67.4%.

The employment figures are good news for women
The employment figures are good news for women

The figures for January to March 2015 show that Scotland had the second lowest female unemployment rate (5.2%) amongst the EU 28 countries.

Scotland also had the second highest female employment rate (71.1%) amongst the EU 28 countries. Sweden had the highest female employment rate at 72.4%.

Minister for Youth and Women’s Employment Annabelle Ewing said: “Our improvements across women’s employment, unemployment, activity rates and closing the gender gap have been steady and consistent.

“Scotland continues to be a better place to be a working woman than elsewhere in the UK and these latest figures confirm that we are performing better than the majority of the 28 EU countries.

“We have all seen the challenges that have had to be overcome through the recession and we have made creating a fairer, more equal workforce a key to our economic recovery.

“Our commitment to leading the way on 50:50 gender representation on boards; to giving young people real hope and prospects for employment and a career and championing a true living wage that are bound together under our goal of fair work for all employees.

“We have made real progress on breaking down the traditional barriers that we inherited, but calling out and condemning inequality in the workplace in all its forms needs to continue until the playing field is truly equal and your gender or background is irrelevant because you are judged on your abilities and potential.”

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