Do you come Hoy often? Olympic gold cyclist has a cheeky doppleganger


OLYMPIC cyclist Sir Chris Hoy has a cheeky lookalike – who pretends to be him in order to bed women.




Twitter user Rob Lowe posted a snap of the unknown man he met in a tacky looking nightclub on Wednesday night.

The photo shows Mr Lowe posing with the blonde imposter in the club, which has wooden benches and purple lighting.

Sir Chris’ alias did not seem dressed for sporting success, instead wearing a stripy t-shirt.

Rob. from Bedford, in the south-east of England, wrote: “Met this guy out clubbing last night who picks up girls by telling them he’s Chris Hoy”.

He later added: “It’s hard to say no to a 6x Olympic Champion.”




It was quickly re-tweeted by gold medallist Hoy, who wrote: “Amazed if he got any success. Never worked for me!”

The mystery man bears an uncanny resemblance to the father of one, who has been happily married to wife Sarra since 2010 and became a dad to baby Callum last year.

Twitter user Keith King joked: “You can tell the real Hoy by his thighs!“

Rob Woodhouse wrote: “Is fake Sarra behind fake Chris?”




And one commenter posted a photo of Sir Chris giving Sarra a smacker at the track side, writing: “You had more luck just going up to random women in the crowd after a race, right? “

Sir Chris is not the only celebrity to have a sleazy lookalike. Red-haired singer Ed Sheeran revealed last month that ginger men across the world have pretended to be him in order to get lucky.

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