Irn Bru can “knight” fights Cola “dragon”


AN IRN Bru can has been turned into a Scots knight battling a “Coca Cola” dragon.

Scots student Steven Purves created the dramatic diorama from cans of two of the country’s most popular beverages.

Scotland is one of the few countries in the world where Coca Cola is not the best-selling fizzy drink.




Irn Bru has consistently claimed the title of the most popular drink in Scotland since it was introduced in 1901, holding out against the Coca Cola corporation which is reported to be worth $79.2bn.

Steven, 31, who is studying for a HND in computer art and design at Edinburgh college, created the scene as part of his coursework.

He said: “The Irn Bru knight, although dwarfed, is fighting back.”




A proposed merger between Irn Bru and Pepsi – another of the world’s most popular fizzy drinks – fell through in November 2012 after terms could not be agreed.

And earlier this year Irn Bru advertisers took a comic swipe at a Coke ‘s “find your name” advertising campaign where they printed names on bottles and cans.

In response Irn Bru executives began printing different tartans – associated with different clan names – on their containers.

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