Pyjama clad raver struck off social work register


A RAVE-loving social worker has been struck off after she visited a vulnerable new mother in hospital while drunk and wearing pyjamas.


natasha pickering 1
Fun-loving Pickering had her picture taken with Bez from the Happy Mondays after a concert in Glasgow


Natasha Pickering downed Guinness and vodka with Red Bull before she turned up at the maternity ward.

Mrs Pickering was not at the hospital in an official capacity and wrongly told the parents she would get permission for the baby, who was already on the Child Protection Register, to go home.

Both midwives present at the unnamed Scottish hospital considered the criminal justice social worker was “drunk”.

The 41-year-old, who worked for Dumfries and Galloway Council and was based in Stranraer at the time of the incident in February 13, produces her own ultra-fast dance music and has a picture of herself and Happy Mondays star Bez on social media.


natasha pickering 2
Natasha Pickering was “under the influence of alcohol”.


The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) has removed Mrs Pickering from the register following a hearing earlier this month at which she faced numerous charges.

The SSSC report on the case states that Mrs Pickering visited two social work clients in hospital after one had given birth.

The report states: “The Registrant was wearing pyjamas or pyjama-like clothing.

“The Registrant was not dressed in a manner which was appropriate for a Criminal Justice Social Worker working in a professional capacity.

“The Registrant was under the influence of alcohol. She admitted to drinking a pint of Guinness and a vodka with Red Bull earlier that evening.”

The report added: “She was observed by two midwives. On a number of occasions she spoke in a silly manner. She was euphoric. Both midwives considered that she was drunk. “

The SSSC said Mrs Pickering had formed an inappropriate relationship with the parents, both of whom were “service users”, and that she failed to respect professional boundaries.


The “bedroom DJ” is no longer allowed to work as a social worker.



Mrs Pickering, who was sacked by the council last year, was also aware that the newborn baby had been placed on the Child Protection Register.

Summing up, the report said: “The Registrant harmed others and placed vulnerable service users at risk of harm.

“Her behaviour identified her as being a person who was unfit to be a member of a caring and responsible profession.

“A Removal Order was accordingly the appropriate sanction in this case. “

The SSSC noted that she co-operated with the investigation and had not been before the panel before.

Speaking after the case she said: “I didn’t have any representation at the hearing, I had no comment.

“I just want to put it in the past. I don’t think I’ll go back into that type of work, I don’t think I’m suited to it.”

Mrs Pickering describes herself as a “bedroom DJ” and writes her own music as well as playing shows on internet radio.

She is a fan of Gabba, described by the online Urban Dictionary as “extremely fast, aggressive and insane hardcore dance music usually exceeding 200 beats per minute with a big, phat kick drum”.

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