A third of Scots are already preparing for Christmas, survey claims


WHILE most are trying to make the most of the last few weeks of summer, a thrifty third of Scots (38%) are already sensibly saving money away for Christmas, a survey has claimed.

Meanwhile by September over half (51%) will have started forward planning and saving for the festive season.

Scots are already saving for Christmas apparently
Scots are already saving for Christmas apparently


A survey by money-saving and cash back website 247homeshopping has shown those in Scotland appear to be the best savers, with more people in Aberdeen (33%) and Edinburgh (25%) starting to save for Christmas by July than anywhere else in the country.

Savvy Scots are followed swiftly by Brummies with 22% starting to save around this time.

247homeshopping’s founder Richard Winhammar said: “Shoppers are becoming increasingly savvy. A super prepared 14% of Scots start to save for Christmas as early as January.”

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