Engineering students create bright pink water balloon catapult


SCOTS students have built bright pink Game of Throne-style siege weaponry capable of firing water balloons as ammo.

Edinburgh College pupils created a catapult after being inspired by mediaeval military engineering.

The team of students, which calls itself Flower Power, decided to build the trebuchet to demonstrate the role and importance of engineering in the ammunition industry.

The students with the trebuchet
The students with the trebuchet


A second team from the course decided to look to the future with their project.

The six students worked on ‘Project X’, a wind turbine generator to demonstrate that wind energy, one of the fastest-growing renewable energy resources, can be a potential support to meet energy demand and reduce carbon emission.

The catapult is used to fire water balloons
The catapult is used to fire water balloons


Their wind turbine was wired into a model house containing multi-coloured LEDs that shone when electricity was generated by the windmill.

Both projects were designed, constructed and tested by the students under the guidance of their supervisor, lecturer Yash Kotak.

Students with the wind turbine generator
Students with the wind turbine generator


The students were working towards their NC Pre-Access to Engineering course.

Students on the course develop their knowledge and understanding of engineering principles and systems covering a range of mechanical, electrical and manufacturing disciplines.

In addition, they develop practical skills through workshop project time and study additional units to allow progression onto more advanced courses.

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