Body of Christ – on a bluebell


JESUS has been found – on a Scottish bluebell.

A picture taken at the Gillingshill Nature Reserve near Anstruther, Fife, is said to show the face and body of the Son of God.

The image, captured by 53-year-old Bob Legg, shows the bearded figure swathed in white cloth on the side of a Scottish bluebell.

The shape of the dried petals on the side of the flower even makes it appear as if he has a set of wings.

The image of Jesus was found on the side of a bluebell
The image of Jesus was found on the side of a bluebell


Mr Legg shared the image on social media with the caption: “I’ve found Jesus…on a Scottish Bluebell.

“If his image on a piece of toast can be worth £1000s then surely this is worth a few quid. Place your bids.”

Lorraine Dooley commented: “Saw it right away!”

Monika Dube said: “Well they do say Jesus is everywhere. Awesome picture.”

Mr Legg joked: “I should eBay it.”

This is not the first time Jesus has been found on obscure objects in recent times.

Earlier this year, the face of Jesus was found on the back of an Ikea toilet door in Glasgow.

Dave Simons was shopping for curtains when he went to relieve himself at the store’s branch in Braehead.

On his way out the 33-year-old was startled by the divine image staring back at him from the wooden door.

He said: “I went in to the toilet and there it was on the main door when I put my hand out. I said “Oh my word, it’s Jesus.”


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