Road camera chiefs nickname photobombing birds


ROAD chiefs have started giving nicknames to birds that regularly photobomb their traffic cameras.

Scotland has a multi-million pound network of cameras to keep traffic flowing and drivers safe.

But alongside the thousands of motorist that pass by the control room screens a host of birds also pop up for their close-ups.

Steven Seagull
Steven Seagull

Now staff at Traffic Scotland have named several of their regular visitors, including their favourite pet – a seagull they have named ‘Steven Seagal”.

The cheeky chap, named after the American action film star, is occasionally joined by Sally – another seagull.

Sally the seagull
Sally the seagull

And a peregrine falcon staff has christened Perry also appears on a regular basis to pose for the cameras.

Media staff have taken to posting photos of their ‘Pet’ helpers on Twitter, much to the delight of Traffic Scotland followers.


Gillian, a media officer for Traffic Scotland, explained: “They [the birds] like to stand at the light at the Whitecart viaduct [overlooking the M8].

“You see Steven at junction 27, standing or sitting on the light.

“It’s as if they know the cameras are there. They pose for the camera.”

Crow ruffling feathers
Crow ruffling feathers

“Sometimes we find a lot of the birds sit on top of the cameras,” she said, explaining that the odd tail feather brushes over the camera screen.

“You can still see the road,” she added.

“A couple of weeks ago there was a giant spider crawling around the M8,” she said.

“The cameras do have wipes. You can just wipe it.

“But the birds are so used to the equipment they don’t move at all. It’s just like a wee joyride.”

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