Pic shows “alien” on the west coast of Scotland


ALIENS have arrived on the west coast of Scotland.

A picture of a washed-up jellyfish has set online imaginations alight – with amused Scots suggesting it resembles a range of out-of-this-world creatures.

The dead animal, snapped by photographer Jamie Glenday, was found on the shores of Dunure in Ayr, South Ayrshire.

The picture shows a jellyfish looking remarkably out-of-this-world
The picture shows a jellyfish looking remarkably out-of-this-world


The rubbery creature appears to have two bulging eyes and a tentacled snout, with a transparent body.

The “monster” bears an uncanny likeness to several well-known fictional beasts, including Predator, Davy Jones from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and the Ood from ‘Doctor Who’.

Some have even suggested it looks like Cthulhu – a cosmic entity which is a mix of an octopus, a man and a dragon with long wings and a rubbery-looking body.

Jamie, 51, from Ayrshire, uploaded the picture online with the caption: “Came across this alien on the Dunure coast.”

Some people joked it reminded them of family members.

Paul Wynn wrote: “My mother in law – you found her.”

Linda Herrington added: “Looks remarkably like my husband.”

Jamie Glenday’s website can be found at jamieglenday.com

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