US artist brings Harry Potter’s parents to life in hilarious cartoon strip


AN AMERICAN artist has brought the parents of Harry Potter to life by creating a series of hilarious comic strips, proving a massive hit with fans.

The New York-based blogger, known as Julvett, answers questions to Lily and James Potter by creating a illustrated response – which is occasionally X-rated.

Fans submit their questions for the duo through the Tumblr page allowing them to stay connected to the multi-million-pound franchise.

Fans submit questions through Tumblr
Fans submit questions through Tumblr


Julvett was even asked to create a fight scene between James Potter’s penis and Snape’s genitalia. The artist happily responded on her DeviantArt page.

While Harry’s parents are the main characters, a young Harry has also made a few appearances.

Other questions have included, “Did Lily ever try to introduce James to muggle style of life? What were the results?” and “How do you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day?”

Julvett then creates hilarious cartoons
Julvett then creates hilarious cartoons


The page has had nearly a million views and over 13,000 followers with most of the traffic coming from excited Harry Potter fans.

One illustration shows Lily and James sunbathing on a beach after a fan asks, “James and Lily, what was your honeymoon like?”

The page has had nearly a million views
The page has had nearly a million views


James can be seen talking to Sirius – his lifelong friend in the multi-million-pound series – in a mirror who asks: “Are you guys coming back yet? It’s been 3 weeks already” with James replying, “Sirius, it’s only been 2 days.”

A biki-clad and unimpressed Lily replies, “James, you better be admiring yourself because if you are talking to Sirius again I’m going to hurl that thing in the ocean.”

Julvett captioned the image, “I have a feeling Lily would’ve strictly forbade Sirius from turning up at their honeymoon stop but he’d find a way to bother them anyway.

The page has proved a massive hit with Potter fans
The page has proved a massive hit with Potter fans


One user even asks if Harry’s dad likes Arctic Monkeys to which James is pictured with his headphones on listening to, “Whyja only owl me when you’re high.”

User, NorwayDream writes: “I absolutely love your art, especially the Harry Potter and James and Lily, ones. It’s really full of what I would call “the Harry Potter-feeling.” And its really WONDERFUL.”

While another fan, NeverBeenDarkMarked, says: “Siriusly, this is fantastic! I love all your stuff but all things Harry Potter are by far the best. I especially love the way you draw Sirius, and Sev as well… Okay, I love the way you draw everyone! Keep up the good work!”

Julvett’s “fanart” page also includes Hunger Games and Disney cartoons but it only uses Lily and James to replies to fans questions.

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