Boy goes potty over mum’s 39p Tesco noodles


A HILARIOUS Twitter rant has gone viral after a Scot claimed his mother did not love him any more – because she bought him Tesco Everyday Value noodles.

19-year-old David Snedden asked his mum to go to the shop to pick him up his favourite snack – a £1 chicken and mushroom Pot Noodle.

David vented his frustration on Twitter
David vented his frustration on Twitter


David, from Bo’ness, was looking forward to tucking into the snack but, to his horror, his mum returned with a Tesco value brand that cost just 39p.

The supermarket’s budget version is described as “chicken and mushroom-flavour”. The ingredients confirm a trace of “dried mushroom” at 0.4% but there is no mention of chicken.

His 'update' on the noodles
His ‘update’ on the noodles


David took to Twitter to vent his frustration, and Pot Noodle lovers from around the world have since shared in his pain.

He uploaded a picture of the pot, with the caption: “Asked ma maw to buy pot noodles n she’s bought these. Ye could’ve saved yersel the 39p n just telt me ye didny love me.”

His post has been retweeted over 1,000 times from sympathetic noodle lovers across the globe.

David was sad that his mum had bought the wrong kind
David was sad that his mum had bought the wrong kind


David even provided an update shortly after his first Tweet, saying that the noodles tasted “beeg” – the Scottish slang word for ‘disgusting’.

He uploaded a second picture of the open pot of noodles with a fork inside and the caption: “Looks/tastes as beeg as ye wid have thought.”

Sarah Oquigley commented: “It’s like the time I bought Lidl Pringles.”

The noodles that he did want
The noodles that he did want


Shelley Connigale wrote: “If my mum ever bought these, lord help her.”

Owen Clark added: “I’d be absolutely gutted.”

David, who is looking for a full-time job, said: “I currently just work weekends as a car valeter – hence the reason why I eat a lot of pot noodles.

“You could say I live off them. My favourite are the green ones but my mum said she couldn’t find them so she came back with these.

“They were disgusting. Hopefully she’s learned her lesson and won’t buy them again.

“I didn’t expect it to take off like this online, I guess a lot of people can relate.”

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