Pawsome foursome led by Jack Russell looking for new home


A JACK Russell weighing about 8Kg is the boss of a trio of German Shepherds which together tip the scales at 90Kg.

Skipper, 9, and his pals, Teddy, 6, Sabre, 4, and Thor, 3, are looking for a new home together after their owner’s ill health meant he could no longer look after them.

Skipper, despite his size, is the undisputed leader of the pack and even trots in to settle squabbles between his much larger pals.

all 4on the platform
Left to right – Sabor, Thor, Skipper and Teddy with canine carer, Caroline Murray

The Jack Russell is only 12 inches tall and likes to find high vantage spots where can watch over his friends.

The pooches, known as the “pawsome foursome” were handed into Dog’s Trust in East Calder, West Lothian, last week.

They need a new home after their owners took ill and had to move from Orkney, where they had been living, and no longer had room for them.

all 4 running
Playing together at the Dog Trust centre

Susan Tonner, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust says: “Skipper’s a bit like their dad or even grandad. The other dogs look at him for reassurance as he’s the oldest out of all of them.

“He likes to sit back and watch and will go up high on bunk beds. He’s really sweet with his brothers. He’s basically the grampa out of them.

“He will go in between them if anything happens or if they have any dog squabbles. All of them look up to him.

“He plays a little bit with his brothers but the younger boys are more boisterous so he will usually step back and watch.”

Sabre, Skipper, Teddy and Thor (1)
Left – Right – Sabor, Linzi, Skipper, Teddy, Stephen and Thor

Susan added: “One of the dogs, Thor, is more nervous so sometimes he might get a fright. When he does he will look for reassurance from Skipper – they all do. They give each other nuzzles and kisses and when we take them out we have to take all four side-by-side as they get agitated if they are not all together.

“They don’t fight but if there’s any squabbles, each of them will look to Skipper. Even when Thor would bark, he would immediately look to him to know everything was okay.”

Dogs Trust have already had offers to rehome individual dogs but ideally want them to be re-homed together.

“We would like all four of them to be housed together,” says Susan. “We are looking for someone who might have some land so plenty of space to run around as they are used to more of a rural life.

“They are all really friendly and lots of people have shown interest in taking one of them but we would really like to try and keep them together. We understand that’s a lot to fit in one home.”

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