Nick Nairn’s cookery school failed hygiene inspection, report reveals


TOP chef Nick Nairn’s cookery school failed a hygiene inspection after a number of contamination risks were found.

The celebrity chef was ordered to make improvements at his Cook School in Aberdeen after environmental health officers visited earlier this year.

Concerns were raised after it was noted that staff were wearing the same aprons to prepare raw food as they were when serving.

And during the visit, ready-to-eat gluten free bread was stored below raw meat in the freezer causing a potential risk of cross contamination.

The cookery school in Aberdeen was told to make immediate changes.

The report was obtained through a Freedom of Information request sent to Aberdeen City Council.

The report said: “At the time of the visit ready to eat gluten free bread was stored below raw meat in the standing freezer.

“Raw foods/unwashed foods must never be stored above ready to eat washed foods as this places the ready to eat foods at risk of contamination.

“This was rectified at the time of the visit.”


It added: “Currently staff wear the same apron for raw preparation and service.

“Raw foods pose a contamination risk to aprons which then poses a contamination risk to ready to eat foods prepared thereafter.

“As you have a stock of aprons you must ensure that staff change their aprons after raw preparation.”

The cookery school was also advised to give the food preparation stations a more thorough clean.

“Currently customers carry out single stage cleaning at their stations after preparing raw foods,” it said.

“Surfaces and equipment which have been used for raw preparation must be subject to a 2 stage clean and disinfection prior to ready to eat preparation and service.

“I will revisit in due course at which time you will have an opportunity to attain your ‘Pass’ certificate.”

However, the inspector was pleased with the “good level of cleanliness” in the kitchen and the understanding of food safety that he witnessed from a member of staff.

Nairn, who has previously cooked for the Queen, said: “We implemented all of the recommendations within 48 hours and then mirrored them at our sister cook school at Port of Menteith.

“Over the last 15 years, our Cook Schools have welcomed more than 60,000 keen cooks.

“Given the number of people we welcome every week, we cannot and will not ever compromise on delivering the highest standard of customer service in our award winning Cook Schools.

“This morning we fully passed our regular environmental health inspection without any issues whatsoever.”


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