Table-holding cyclist jumps red


A SUICIDAL cyclist has been filmed sailing through a red light and almost being hit by a car – while holding a coffee table in one hand.

The idiot was captured on a dashcam on October 22 in Paisley, Renfrewshire, with the substantial table on his left shoulder.

The cyclist passes at speed through a red light in the centre of a town and into the path of an oncoming car.


The cyclist narrowly avoids being hit by oncoming traffic.


The cyclist almost topples over when he finally notices the oncoming car but miraculously keeps his balance and nonchalantly peddles off..

The car has to make an emergency stop in order not to hit the rider.

Gary Duggan owner of L2P with Gary Driving School said:  “It’s unfortunate that not every road user considers how their actions can have a detrimental effect on themselves and others.

“The cyclist was a little unsteady because he was using one hand to try and balance the table on his shoulder. It was never going to be safe as not only is his vision restricted but his lack of control is clearly showing.

“Stopped at a red light the cyclist clearly doesn’t feel that he needs to stop also and puts other road users at risk by jumping out in front of a car and then nearly falls off his bike in front of them.”

A Cycling Scotland spokesperson said: “Whether walking, cycling, driving or parking, we should all obey road traffic laws and follow the highway code on our roads.”

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