Scottish FA insists they have no plans to introduce restrictions on kids heading the ball



The Scottish FA insist they have no plans to introduce restrictions on children heading footballs, despite moves in America to impose such controls.

The United States Soccer Federation has announced proposals to stop kids aged 10 and under from heading balls and impose limits for children aged between 11 and 13.

However, the SFA  insist there is currently insufficient evidence to limit heading in the youth game.

The football authorities in the US are looking to enforce controls in kids football


Scotland National Team doctor and Medical Advisor to the Scottish FA, Dr John MacLean said: “The Scottish FA’s first priority is looking after the health and welfare of our players in Scotland.

“As Medical Advisor, the recognition and management of concussion is topical and very important.

“What we do in a medical sense is to take on board the best scientific evidence that’s available at any given time.

“There is a consensus conference that takes place where experts from all around the world get together and look at the scientific evidence which they then give recommendations on.

“At the moment, the recommendations from the experts is that there is insufficient evidence to link recurrent heading of the ball with later brain damage.

“The Scottish FA’s focus is on preventing head injury in football and putting in place a robust system to recognise and manage concussion.”