Hilarious video shows Chris Hoy attempting to eat 60 mince pies in five minutes


A HILARIOUS video shows Olympic champion Sir Chris Hoy attempting to eat the entire weight of a bike in iced mince pies.

Donning a Father Christmas outfit, Sir Chris is given 60 mince pies – the equivalent of the 3.9kg weight of a HOY Napier children’s bike – to eat in exactly five minutes.

The challenge comes as part of a collaboration with Evans Cycles, the sole distributor of the HOY bike range.

Starting the hashtag #FatherChris, Evans Cycles have invited people to come up with Christmas themed challenges for Sir Chris to complete.

The mince pie eating challenge is the third in a series, and begins as Sir Chris is handed two envelopes outlining the seemingly unknown test ahead.

The first reads: “Dear Father Chris, ever heard of having your cake and eating it?”

Whilst the second continues: “On your right is a HOY Napier children’s bike, on your left is the weight of a HOY Napier in mince pies. You have just five minutes to eat them all.”

Hoy washing his pies down with some milk

Sir Chris appears astounded at the request exclaiming: “You’re not serious are you?

“What do I win by the way? What is the point of this?”

As he completes the challenge he says: “This is really disgusting, I think I’m going to put myself off mince pies forever.”

Covering himself in mince pie residue in the process, Sir Chris begins to slow after the first three minutes.

Eyeing up the pies before he embarks on his mission.

Finding the challenge difficult he attempts to trick the camera into thinking he’s eating the pies by turning his face to the left and sliding them behind his mouth.

After five minutes elapses he has only managed to consume 18 mince pies, making just a small dent into the mountain of food.

Sir Chris shared the video on his twitter page and followers were quick to make suggestions on how the challenge could be improved.

One user said: “Should have got you to pick them up from trackside, on the bike, one by one.”

Whilst another suggested that Sir Chris should have attempted to eat the entire weight of a Boris Bike and not a HOY Bike.

One user even mentioned that it might affect dinner with George Clooney, saying: “Hope dinner with George Clooney doesn’t include mince pies!”

Ideas for the next Father Chris challenge are being invited to be shared on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtage #FatherChris before November 24th.