Trump’s in my towel tweets Scots comedian


A SCOTS comedian encountered Donald Trump in her bathroom – when his face appeared on her towel.

Janey Godley, dubbed “Scotland’s funniest woman”, spotted the US presidential candidate’s face scowling at her from her old bath towel on Tuesday morning.

A picture of the towel shows an angry face, complete with deep-set eyes, pronounced cheekbones and a frown.

And it does bear an uncanny likeness to the well-known celebrity.

The top trump towel
The top trump towel


Janey, from Glasgow, shared the snap on Twitter along with the hashtag #trumpsfaceonmytowel.

She then joked that she was “going to rub it into my arse”.

Scottish novelist Irvine Welsh agreed with her, retweeting the picture with the caption “The w***** shroud!”

It is not the first time Trump’s face has appeared in an unexpected place.

Earlier this year, a woman spotted an image in her organic butter which resembled a shocked-looking Trump.

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