Dashcam video captures one-way foul-up


A DASHCAM video has captured the moment a driver turned the wrong way into a busy, 40mph one-way road.

The incident was filmed in Livingston, West Lothian, on a one way road which connects the town’s shopping centres to the M8.

The blue Hyundai turns the wrong way on to the two-lane A899 and accelerates.

The driver who filmed the incident can be heard shouting: “Stop! It’s a one-way mate you’re heading into traffic!”


The driver of the Hyundai, a man in a grey sweater and white T-shirt, is seen hunched over the wheel.

Gradually realising his mistake, the man slows down. As the car draws level with the camera, the confused driver rolls down the window to ask for help and is told: “Here mate, you’re heading into traffic.”

Campaign group Scotland’s Worst Drivers shared the footage online yesterday.

James Johnston, who filmed it, said: ” I didn’t actually know how to react to this one. I saw the car pull out and turn towards us and I flashed headlights repeatedly and waved hand out window to get him stop.

“When he finally stopped I told him it was one-way. To be be honest I was more shocked than anything but glad driver stopped, and turned around before an accident occurred.”

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