Delivery man’s foul mouthed rant caught on answerphone


THIS hilarious clip captures the moment a Scottish delivery driver lost his cool – spouting a foul-mouthed rant on a customer’s voicemail.

Luke Fisher took the video recording of a message left by a frustrated courier on the answerphone of his girlfriend’s mobile.


The deliveryman was expected to drop off a package at their Edinburgh address, but after no one answered the door, he instead delivered this out-of-breath message with an angry tone.

“Oh, Oh, f****** nightmare on that f****** stair, eh?

“You ken they’re in, and you can see the light on through the spyhole, but they would nae answer the f****** door.”

The message then promptly ends, with no clue as to the identity of the driver or the status of the delivery.

Luke uploaded the recording online this morning, with the title “My girlfriend was left this voicemail by a very angry Scottish delivery driver, absolutely hilarious.”

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