JK Rowling reveals the secret of Harry Snotter


JK ROWLING has left fans in a frenzy after unveiling the secret of Harry Snotter.

The award-winning author revealed the correct term used for a group of Puffskeins – furry creatures with the disgusting habit of eating wizards’ bogeys.

Rowling has been responding to questions from fans on Twitter.

Rowling made the revelation yesterday after being asked by a Potter fan: “Herd, quiver, brood, flock…What is a group of Puffskeins or Pygmy Puffs called?”

The writer tweeted back: “A poffle”.

Fans were left in a frenzy after finding out a brand new Potter fact.

Pixies Corner, who directed the question to Rowling, couldn’t believe her luck after receiving the response.

She wrote: “Omg JK Rowling just responded to my tweet. Life. Is. Complete. A poffle of pygmy puffs! Perfection.”

Rowling’s revelation received 1,200 retweets, over 4,400 likes and hundreds of comments.

Hundreds of comments flooded in from fans.

Whisperbirdie wrote: “This satisfies me, not that my satisfaction should be of your concern, but it does.”

Cormoran Strike said: “No way did you know that! That’s just crazy now, how much you know! Jeez!”

And Tabbi Rees wrote: “This makes me so happy.”

Rowling is well known for occasionally revealing Potter facts to her six million Twitter fans.

Many started asking Rowling to answer more questions about the Harry Potter series.

One of the most popular was the recent and shocking revelation that the world had been pronouncing Voldemort wrong for years – revealing that the last “t” is in fact silent.

And only last week Rowling unveiled the mystery surrounding why Harry named his child after his  father’s enemy, Snape, saying that Harry wanted to pay tribute to Snape for sacrificing his own life for Harry, out of love for the wizards mother, Lily.

Puffskeins are well known in the Potter franchise as being popular pets that don’t object to being cuddled or thrown about.

The award winning writer has nearly 6million followers.



They are fluffy yellow balls that expose a long tentacle when looking for food.

Known for being scavengers, they eat everything from spiders to bogeys of sleeping wizards.

Popular character Ron Weasley owned a Puffskein before his brother Fred killed it after supposedly using it while practicing with his Bludger – an iron ball used in the wizarding game, Quidditch.