Childcare worker charged with making Hitler salute in front of toddlers


A CHILDCARE worker could be struck off for allegedly performing a Nazi salute in front of youngsters.

Sharon McIndoe is accused of making the highly offensive gesture in front of children as young as two while working in Glasgow.

The child development officer made the “Hitler sign” after a colleague suggested she stop children playing with a potentially dangerous toy, it is alleged.

The incident features among 22 charges against Ms McIndoe brought by the profession’s regulator, the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC).

The hearing  took place at the SSSC
The hearing will take place at the SSSC

The case is set to be heard in Dundee later this month. The SSSC has the power to ban Ms McIndoe from the profession if she is found unfit to practise.

All the charges relate to a period between 1 August 2006 and 31 August 2012.

One alleges that whilst working at the Acredyke Nursery between September 2011 and June 2012, Ms McIndoe “failed to prevent a number of service users from playing with a wooden block with nails in it”.

She is alleged, in the presence of young children, to have “made a gesture, namely a ‘Hitler sign’, towards her colleague” who had challenged her about allowing the youngsters to play with the dangerous toy.

Another charge states that on or around 31 August 2012, she “pushed or kicked a bike with service user GG sitting on it and in doing so, caused the bike to strike a wall”.

She is also accused of saying to another young boy “If I ever see you putting glitter in the glue again, I’m going to burn your Daddy’s shop down” or words to that effect.

Referring to a colleague, she said “I’m gonny kick her f****** heid in” and “I’m going to stab her”, it is alleged.

Charge 2 reads that whilst working at Buchlyvie Nursery in 2012, she grabbed a four-year-old by the arm and “dragged him across the room”.

She is also accused of saying to the young boy “maybe Santa won’t bring you anything at all with your whole attitude”.

The SSSC hearing notice alleges that Ms McIndoe was “verbally abusive” and “threatening” towards children and other members of staff.

It also states that she put young children “at risk of harm”, both physical and emotional.

The notice adds that the charges are “current at the date of publication but may be amended during the hearing”.

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