Tesco security tagging £2.50 blocks of cheese


TESCO has raised eyebrows among shoppers by attaching security stickers to blocks of cheese costing £2.50.

Across the UK, incredulous consumers have posted pictures of cheddar slapped with bright yellow security tags.

The stickers contain a metal strip which, unless deactivated at the till, will set off the exit alarms.

Chris was picking up spag bol ingredients when he noticed the sticker
Chris was picking up spag bol ingredients when he noticed the sticker

Such security tags have become commonplace on higher priced items such as DVDs, expensive cuts of meat, and fine wines.

But Tesco shoppers were amazed to find them on 350g blocks of Cathedral City mature cheddar costing less than a high street coffee.

Chris Fairbairn, from Edinburgh, popped into his local Tesco Express in Great Junction Street, Leith, to get ingredients for a spaghetti bolognaise.

Chris, 26, said: “You expect to see security stickers on supermarket items such as aftershaves, perfumes – even expensive meat.

“But to see them on an everyday item such as cheddar cheese really was surprising.

Emma Hampton shared this picture on Twitter
Emma Hampton shared this picture on Twitter

“Leith is so often referred to as an up and coming area but if residents can’t be trusted not to help themselves to cheese – by the likes of Tesco – you really have to question that.”

Emma Hampton, from Norwich, Norfolk, shared a picture on Twitter which also shows her Cathedral City slapped with a security sticker.

She wrote: “I would love to know what turn of events led Tesco to feel the need to start security tagging cheese.”

Another shopper, from Liverpool, said: “Can’t believe Tesco have put security protection on cheese. What has life come to?”

Twitter user Julee (corr) Gray wrote: “Just been to Tesco and the cheese has security tags on it…must have some devious mice up these parts.”

Last year, the company resorted to placing the security stickers on shopping baskets at a store in Manchester after the 5p bag charge was introduced.

Bosses said they made the decision after almost a third of baskets were stolen within a week.