Spiderman parrot blows away in Storm Henry


A BOY’S beloved “spiderman” parrot blew away in Storm Henry.


Pals: But parrot Lexi has not been seen since she blew away on Tuesday 2nd February.


Blue-and-red Lexi flew out of five-year old owner Jamie McNee’s house in Blairgowrie, Perthshire, after a door was left ajar.

The £850 Eclectus parrot was swept up in the 70mph gale and disappeared over the rooftops on Tuesday.

Despite mum Angie hunting high and low for Jamie’s prized pet, it has not been seen since.

Angie, 44, said: “Jamie loves her. He says: “She’s red and blue like Spiderman”.

“I was going out to the wheelie bin and I’d left the door ajar. It must have blown open because when I looked up I saw her flying over my head.


The distinctive parrot has bright red and blue plumage.


“It was blowing a gale at the time and she must have flown off course. I don’t know if she wanted to land on my shoulder or something.

“The wind was so strong she would have been completely disorientated. “

Angie said Jamie and his little brother Finlay were distraught.

Angie said: “When they go out they shout for her and look up at the sky. They keep saying: “I miss Lexi, I want Lexi back.”

She has alerted the  Scottish SPCA and put an appeal out on social media, but is not optimistic the family pet will make a return.

She added: “She doesn’t know how to feed herself or anything. She could be anywhere.”

Female Eclectus parrots are bright red and blue in colour, whilst males are green.  Lexi is two years old and around the same size as an African Grey.
Anyone who spots her is asked to call the Scottish SPCA.

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