Nessie, Maid of the Loch and Falkirk Wheel among Scots Lego bids


PATRIOTIC Scots are fighting to get their favourite landmarks made into Lego – including a Loch Ness monster.

A number of Scotland-inspired Lego ideas have been submitted to the children’s toy company website over the past year.

They include the Falkirk Wheel, Glasgow University and the legendary inhabitant of Loch Ness.

And if one of the proposals gets enough support, the company will take the design and turn it into a real-life product.

All designs for new Lego sets are submitted to the ‘Ideas’ part of the website, where users can then comment on each other’s proposals and vote for the ones that they like.

The Lego landscape
The Lego landscape

One Glasgow fan created a set to represent the Dear Green Place, which measures 48cm long.

It includes a number of famous landmarks such the University of Glasgow, Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery, Glasgow Science Centre Tower, the Finnieston Crane, a typical tenement flat and the Squinty Bridge.

It also features the Gallery of Modern Art, complete with the Duke of Wellington statue and iconic traffic cone.

The idea, submitted by Peter Johnston on Monday, currently has 97 supporters who describe his proposal as an “amazing creation” which they “cannot wait to buy”.

Nessie fans have also submitted two product ideas in the past year.

One, which consists of just 38 bricks, shows the green head of the legendary monster sticking above water, surrounded by green plants.

However, a more terrifying version of the mythical beast details a sharp-toothed prehistoric animal with a long, powerful tail and flippers.

The scarier Nessie is has received much more support than its tamer substitute – boasting 42 supporters in comparison to 15.

Another Scotland-based design is that of the Maid of the Loch, the last paddle steamer built in Britain by A & J Inglis of Pointhouse, Glasgow.

The detailed model, which consists of a staggering 4,700 pieces, boasts a main deck, promenade, saloon, cafe, souvenir shop, engine room and paddle wheels.

It is the most popular of all Scottish products, receiving 2,492 votes so far, and has been described as a “great idea” and “beautiful design” by approving users.

The Falkirk Wheel has unfortunately not fared so well – it only received 30 votes in 400 days and didn’t meet the required amount of support to be commissioned as a product.

If any design submitted to the website receives over 10,000 votes then it will be reviewed by set designers and potentially transformed into an official Lego toy.

The designer of any set which is made into a product is promised 1% of total net sales, and five complimentary copies of their product.

Last year it was revealed that the famous Caledonian MacBrayne ferry, which links the mainland to islands on Scotland’s west coast, had been submitted as an idea to the site.

So far the design has received 2,492 votes of support – and needs another 7,508 before it can be considered by Lego designers.

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