Missing cat born in Abu Dhabi found 25 miles from home – eating naan


A CAT which went missing after being brought to Scotland from Abu Dhabi was found a 50 mile round trip away from home – feasting on naan bread.

Naan the worse for wear – Ziggy was returned to his owner on Saturday.

Ziggy, a 4-year old Arabian Mau, was shipped to Scotland by teacher Ailsa Rolland last year.

After five years working in the United Arab Emirates, she was ready to go home and spent £1,000 taking her pet with her.

But Ailsa, of Kinghorn, Fife, was devastated when Ziggy went missing over a month ago.

She had almost given up hope when a couple in Broxburn, West Lothian called and said they’d found him.

He’d survived by breaking into a garage on their street and tearing into their stock of naan bread.

And he may have been craving a taste of home – as an eastern version of naan is a popular dish in Abu Dhabi, where it is cooked in traditional bakeries.

Ziggy – “likes chicken curry”.

Alan Conner, 54, who found Ziggy, said: “The cat was meowing outside our front door. My partner went up the road to see one of the neighbours to see if they knew whose it was.

“She said: “Oh yes, it’s been hanging around for about a week and got into my garage. It’s knocked over some bottles of wine and eaten the naan bread.”

He added: “The cat had just been nibbling away on it. It was very hungry.”

Owner Ailsa said: “I think he must have got into a van or a car and gone on an adventure. He is tired and thinner than when he left, but none the worse for it.

“He was obviously starving and eating whatever he could. He does actually like curry though – if you’ve got chicken curry he’ll come and mooch from you.

She said of his return: “It’s brilliant, fantastic. I’m over the moon.”

Her dad Colin added: “He normally gets dried food. He lost a bit of weight but not that much so he must have done alright.”

Former stray Ziggy was born in a plant pot outside Ailsa’s flat in Abu Dhabi. She spent £1000 in fees bringing him back to the UK and plastered her home town with posters when he went missing.


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