Students in meltdown as library cat goes missing


STRESSED students at one of Scotland’s top universities have gone into meltdown – because their library cat is missing.

Jordan, a black and white tabby, has amassed thousands of followers on social media after regularly appearing at Edinburgh university’s library.

He is so popular that he has his own library card, complete with photograph and expiry date, and has even landed his own book deal.

Library Cat is known for wandering around the campus.

But the favoured feline hasn’t been seen for over ten days – and students say they “can’t cope” with his disappearance.

And instead of studying for their exams, Jordan’s fans have been scouring campus looking for the moggy.

Yesterday a post appeared on the Library Cat Facebook page, which has over 16,000 followers.

It said: “Library cat is missing. Last seen Sunday 13 March. If you have seen the much-loved cat, please message this Facebook page.”

The post was shared over 700 times, and attracted hundreds of comments from concerned students.

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The lovable furrball even has his own library card.

Tracey Francis said: “Please check all the outbuildings and ask everyone around the area to do the same. This is awful news.”

Mairi Standing wrote: “Something else for me to worry about…come back library cat.”

Louise Kruger added: “Come back library cat. There’s no way I can get through these final essays without you and your sassy face.”

Some even suggested that foul play may have a part in the moggy’s disappearance.

Ainslie Clelland said: “Is there a rival library enticing him maybe?”

Scott McCarte added: “Which uni stole him this time…”

The nine-year-old cat first arrived at the Catholic Dominican Chaplaincy as a kitten, but never took to life as a mouse catcher with men of the cloth.

Despite being named after a 12th Century saint, Jordan preferred the company of trendy young students, and an easy life in the well-heated library.

Every day, Jordan leaves the friary and crosses Edinburgh’s leafy George Square in the old town, to the university’s main library.

There, he enjoys being petted by students from across the globe, and even has a favourite turquoise chair near the door.

Last year, his popularity landed him a book deal with Black & White Publishing – an Edinburgh-based company who published The Gruffalo and David Walliams’ children’s novel.

The book, due to grace the shelves of bookstores by Spring 2016, is a first-person account of the famous feline’s day-to-day life.

It includes reference to his favourite places to visit, as well as his preferred lunchtime treats.

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