Woman trains parrot to poop in toilet on command


A BIRD lover has trained her pet parrot to poop in the toilet on command.

Pauline Guthrie bought an African Grey parrot five years ago after wanting one since she was a little girl.

The 39-year-old from Paisley, Renfrewshire, christened the bird Skylar and decided to try to have her toilet trained.

Her hard work paid off and now Skylar is happy to use her owner’s loo and produce a “jobby” on demand.

In a series of hilarious home videos, Pauline can be heard saying “Do a wee jobby” as Skylar perches on the edge of the toilet seat.

Skylar has been potty-trained
Skylar has been potty-trained

After some encouragement, the bird manages to do a poo and is rewarded with endless praise.

Other talents that Skylar boasts include a impressive Keith Lemon impersonation.

When Pauline asks her pet “What does Keith Lemon say?”, the animal shouts “potatoes” – a reference to one of his hilarious catchphrases.

“She’s the first parrot I’ve had,” Pauline said. “I’ve wanted one since I was a little girl and saw one in a pet shop.

“I got Skylar when she was just 12 weeks old and toilet trained her when she was a baby.

“It was easy to do using treats. She learned how to do it in just a few hours and when she goes she’ll usually say ‘I’m a clever girl Mummy’ afterwards.

“Her favourite sayings include ‘Wakey wakey get up’ and ‘get me a cuppa tea Mummy’. Her personality is very cheeky – when she wants something she will let you know.”

She added: “When she has done something naughty and knows it she tries to soften me up by saying ‘Mummy you’re so pretty…give me a kiss’ – who could get mad at that?

“About a year ago one of my neighbours knocked on my door to check that I was ok after hearing someone shouting for help. It turned out it was just Skylar – luckily they know her well now.”

African Grey parrots are commonly kept as pets due to their amusing ability to mimic human speech.

They are notorious for copying noises around their environment and then repeating them endlessly. The bird is also highly intelligent and have been shown to perform at the cognitive level of a six-year-old child.

Skylar also has a wide vocabulary which includes a range of strong swear words, and is able to imitate the sound of a turbocharged car.

She can also bark like a dog, beatbox and regularly asks for “kisses”.

Pauline says her pet sometimes shouts “help” and “what the f***” loudly while sitting next to the window, alarming passers-by.

Luckily, the neighbours know about the bird’s antics and simply ignore her ramblings.

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