Sturgeon’s manifesto mugshot gets the Face Swap treatment


NICOLA Sturgeon’s election manifesto mugshot is getting the Face Swap treatment from mischievous iPhone users.

The manifesto was officially launched today (wed) but within minutes pictures started appearing in which the First Minister’s face swapped on the cover by that of the picture-taker.

The front of the manifesto, which was unveiled in Edinburgh to a thousand-strong crowd, is adorned with Sturgeon’s smiling face on a bright yellow background.

Josh Mennie said he makes a "bonnie" First Minister
Josh Mennie said he makes a “bonnie” First Minister

One photograph, which remains online, shows the vice convenor for SNP Youth North East Association switching his face with the front of Sturgeon’s manifesto.

22-year-old Josh Mennie uploaded the snap with the caption “I think I make a bonnie First Minister”.

Another picture shows SNP supporter Conor McKay proudly holding up the manifesto for a face swap opportunity.

As many as four other staff members joined in the fun, before their snaps were quickly removed from social media, possibly for fear of offending the party hierarchy.

Pictures taken at the manifesto launch show Sturgeon stood on a podium surrounded by people holding up the manifesto adorned with her face.

Conor McKay proudly showing off his Face Swap
Conor McKay proudly showing off his Face Swap

One Twitter user joked: “I’m looking forward to everyone in Scotland being issued with free Nicola face masks.”

Douglas Campbell wrote: “It looks like a massive game of Guess Who.”

Another person said: “This is enough to give anyone the creeps.”

The recent photographs are not the first time the First Minister has been the subject of a face swap.

Earlier this month, chair of Dundee Youth Council James Thomson managed to do a live face swap when he met Sturgeon in person.

Sturgeon's face adorns the front of the manifesto
Sturgeon’s face adorns the front of the manifesto

The amusing snap shows the First Minister’s eye makeup swapped onto his face, while his features are merged with hers to create a disconcerting image.

At the manifesto unveiling, Sturgeon said: “Our manifesto is a document brimming with ideas and policies to move the country forward and use more powers to create a fairer, more equal society.

“This election is our opportunity to focus on the kind of country Scotland can be and who can provide the leadership to make it a reality.”

She pledged to increase investment in the NHS by £500m more than inflation by the end of the next parliament, doubling childcare to 30 hours a week and abolishing bedroom tax.

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