Hilarious video shows dad’s “boyfriend” chat with daughter, four


A HILARIOUS video shows a Scots dad having a heated discussion with his outraged four-year-old daughter – about boyfriends.

John Tierney deadpans brilliantly as he tells the outraged girl she’s going to be a nun, that he’ll break her boyfriend’s legs, and lock up his dad.

The clip, which has already been viewed thousands of times, was filmed this weekend as John, from Blantyre, South Lanarkshire, was driving with Grace.

Like-minded fathers have commended John’s “sensational” parenting skills.

The 30-second video begins with John, who is a shop fitter, sat in the front seat of his car, smiling into the camera as his daughter looks on from the back.

Grace starts by asking: “But what if I want to get a boyfriend?”

To which John grins and says: “I’ll break his legs…and guess what will happen after that?

“See your boyfriend’s Daddy? Daddy will take him hostage and keep him in a cupboard.”

Throughout his reply, Grace widens her eyes and shouts “No” from the backseat.

She then tries to reason with her Dad, saying: “Listen. I want a boyfriend. I’m getting a boyfriend.”

John interrupts and declares: “You’re not getting a boyfriend, you’re going to be a nun. You’re going to work for Jesus.”

Grace screams “I’m not, I’m going to get a boyfriend” as her father pulls out a cross necklace and holds it up to the light.

He continues: “This is who you’re going to work for. End of story.”

He captioned the video: “Had a heated discussion with Grace today over boyfriends. #BlantyreParenting101.”

Scots comedian Limmy shared the video on Monday, describing it as “Funny as f***”.

John says he is now recognised in public as a result of the video
John says he is now recognised in public as a result of the video

Another Twitter user commented: “We like minded fathers gotta stick together and promote the cause #DADD. Dads against daughters dating. #WorkingForJesus.”

John later commented: “Trying to raise her to be strong minded could be a mistake…she’s a wee star to be fair.

“It’s a battle we may lose but one we must fight.”

He also joked: “Also told her to stop brushing her teeth.”

Speaking about the video, John, who is 37, said: “We were just heading to the park so Grace could have a go on her new bike, and she waved at two boys who walked past the car.

“I joked that she should stop waving at boys because they were smelly, and she then told me she wanted a boyfriend.

“I started recording her responses because she is such a wee character – she is very much a sponge and absorbs everything that people says.

“The video has gone a bit mental – we got stopped in the supermarket yesterday by someone who had seen it. I never expected it to go this mad.”

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