School run driver jumps red and almost hits lollipop lady


SHOCKING video shows a school run driver jumping a red light three seconds after it changed and narrowly avoiding a lollipop lady.

The motorist, who jumped the light in rain and at school closing time, is just 300 metres away from a primary.

Bizarrely, the driver correctly indicates a left turn while breaking the law and putting pedestrians’ lives in danger.

The incident was filmed on April 26 in Whitburn, West Lothian, on the dashcam of a following vehicle.


The car went through a red light and narrowly avoided the lollipop lady
The car went through a red light and narrowly avoided the lollipop lady


The footage, obtained by website Scotland’s Worst Drivers, shows the silver Citroen Saxo approach the pedestrian crossing at 3.26pm.

The light turns to amber six seconds before the car goes through the crossing. The red light comes on, according to the times on the dashcam, at least three seconds before.

Despite that, the driver carries on, coming within a few feet of a crossing guard in high-visibility clothing who had stepped on to the road.

The lollipop lady was about to help a woman and her three young children cross.

The car’s left indicator is flashing as it goes through the crossing and the vehicle slows to turn left a few metres on.


Luckily the lollipop lady and the woman with young children waiting to cross were unharmed
Luckily the lollipop lady and the woman with young children waiting to cross were unharmed


The mother waiting to cross can be seen to turn angrily in the car’s direction, clearly incensed by the driver’s actions.

A YouTube user claiming to be the driver of the car claimed that a faulty fan caused the windows to steam up.

The comment reads: “Yes I made a mistake. My fan blower had broken on the way to school while picking up two kids and the windows all steamed up. I had to try to put the windows up as rain came pouring in and that split second causes this.”

“There were no kids on the road and no-one got hurt. I’m a mother myself and I would never put any one at risk of anything. I’m a very careful driver a bad thing just happened to me at the wrong time. It’s a small mistake that I will now pay for.

But Steven Scott, who filmed the clip, said: “The claims she was distracted by closing an open window with rain and hail coming in is complete fabrication and an excuse for a lack of attention to the road.

“Visibility was good despite the weather, I saw the lights, the camera saw the lights, she didn’t see the lights.

“She also indicated her left turn before passing the light that suggests she was looking ahead and preparing for her left turn manoeuvre but wasn’t watching the lights.”
A SWD spokesman said: “”I find it shocking that this driver claims her visibility was poor due to a faulty fan unit, however she doesn’t seem to be driving cautiously because of this.

“She also failed to slow due to the traffic lights turning to amber and continued through a red light that had been visible for excess of five seconds.

“It’s fortunate that a lollipop lady was present at this crossing as the outcome could have been very different had a child ran across the road when the green man showed.”

Police Scotland are investigating the incident and have sent the details on to the local road policing inspector.

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